How to make your first comic Kickstarter: Part 1

So I knew that I would probably have to do a Kickstarter eventually while making comics... Art and printing can get expensive for one person. But I didn't know it would be this soon. This Kickstarter went from idea to conception in about 5 days. I don't recommend that to anyone, but this opportunity came up and I had to jump on it.

Pre-Kickstarting your comic

  • Make/100

I started this Kickstarter because of this make/100 promotion Kickstarter had going on in January. They wanted creators to make 100 of something. I decided to take part with a 11x15 print of my mini-issue. I went into this with no audience, and not knowing if there'd be much of a market for a 11x15 print. But I felt I just had to take advantage of this make/100 opportunity.

  • Goal

I got funded in about 5 days. I set a small and realistic goal. The goal will cover most of the cost for printing and shipping, and I'm okay with covering anything else out of my own pocket.

  • Video - Page Design - Kickstarter Image

All of these are important before starting a Kickstarter. A great video can make or brake a project. I made mine in about 15 minutes... I just used a slide show and recorded on top of it. It's not the best video, but I know what to do better next time. Page design and your Kickstarter image are also really important. You want to invest in a good image and you want it to stand out. You want your page to tell your teams story, and show your product, among other things. Check out Tyler Jame's Comix Launch podcast for a ton more information on that.

  • Get everything ready!

Check prices for everything you need. Get quotes from printers, get shipping supplies, find out how much it'll be to ship one of your products. Also plan your marketing attack. Tell your audience, well in advance, the date for your Kickstarter. Find out if you'll be using Facebook ads or Project Wonderful.

There's so much more to go into with Kickstarter. But that's a few basic tips for your first comic Kickstarter at least. I'll also be giving tips for mid and post launch in the coming weeks. We have less then two weeks for our current campaign right now.