Starting the new year right, with a ton of content.

First off we are going to try to post these blogs regularly. You can expect these blog posts on every Friday for now. There's a lot planned this year with a few projects in the works and a podcast/weekly videos on the horizon.

Also we have a live kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

You can check it out here.

The kickstarter is a part of their make/100 promotion. They want creators to make 100 of something. The conception of this kickstarter was about 5 days, from idea to finish. So it wasn't anything we had planned. We're treating it as a learning experience. 

It's for a 11x15 print of our mini-issue Training Wheels. The print is super high quality on 120lb paper with a gloss finish.

Oh yeah..

And we're already 96% funded! With 17 days to go!

This gets us very excited for our current book we're working on. Can't wait to share more of that. And we'll see if there's any stretch goals or something that we could do, after we hit our goal.

The best way to reach us or stay up to date with what we're working on is on our Twitter or Instagram.

Have a great Friday!