3 Tips For Using Social Media For Comics

I've never been a huge fan of social media.

But it's definitely necessary to be apart of a community and grow an audience. I've begun using it with the start of this year. It's been great so far, and I'm surprised with how close knit the comics community is.

  1. Be Active : Post stuff daily. Whether instagram or twitter, I try to post daily. You should also be following other creators and checking out, liking, and commenting on their content as well. When some one comments on your post, be sure to reply and talk to them.
  2. Content : Don't just post stuff asking people to buy  it. Post worthy content. Build up what you're working on. Show progress of your projects and put in some words and thought of what it's about.
  3.  Community : Follow like minded creators and message them. Just say hi and see where the conversation goes. Many Comic creators are on twitter, it'll have plenty of opportunities for you. Support other creators. If they finished a project or just started a kickstarter, give it a share or go back it if you like it. Don't ask for anything in return. It'll pay off in the long run :).

There's 3 quick tips for using social media for your comic project. I missed last weeks blog due to being extremely busy. But my goal is to not miss anymore of these and post something every Friday.

Talk to you soon with more news on The Wild Cosmos project and how wrapping up the Kickstarter is going!