How to make your first comic Kickstarter: Part 2

Here are some things I used and learned in the middle of the campaign.

  • Goal

I set a small goal for this campaign, since the printing for these 11x15 prints won't cost too much, I wanted it to be very attainable. Also I didn't have much of a fallowing going in, so I wanted to be realistic with the goal.

  • Updates

I think updates are an important part to any Kickstarter. It shows that your active and that you care.  Updates for new rewards, hitting your goal, stretch goals, etc. They are a great way to communicate with your backers and stay in touch. Use them.

  • Promoting and Marketing

I didn't do too much promoting... and this could be it's own standalone blog, but I'll go into it a little here. I mostly used Twitter and Instagram for promoting. I also started to play with Project Wonderful, but didn't get too into it. I signed up for Kickbooster, but it doesn't look like anyone really used that. Lastly, some community members gave a few shout outs and I paid for an advertisement on a podcast. I definitely could've tried harder in this department, but I just wanted to experiment, seeing as I didn't have much of a following, and it was a small goal.

  • Stretch Goals

Since we hit the goal 4 days in, I added one stretch goal. It was for a poster for our upcoming book. Since the campaign ends in a day, it doesn't look like we'll hit the stretch goal. I didn't have too much to offer, since we still have everything in production. It would've been nice to add a few smaller stretch goals, rather than one large one. 

  • The Deadzone

So I heard all about the Deadzone. And it was definitely there. We saw the most action at the start of the campaign, and hoping it picks up in the next day at the end. But the middle week, in the three week campaign, was a desert. So the Deadzone is a real thing hah.

There's a few lessons and strategies for while your Kickstarter is going on. I learned a ton so far, but just trying to be brief in these blogs. I'll be back with part 3 - post Kickstarter.