How to make your first comic Kickstarter: Part 3


So my first Kickstarter has came and gone. The Kickstarter ended at the end of February and I got the mini-issue's printed and shipped in early March.

Here's a few tips and things I learned for post Kickstarter.


Shipping prices can add up quickly. Especially international. Make sure you factor in shipping costs while making your Kickstarter goal, or you can even add a shipping coast to each reward, and Kickstarter allows a different price for international orders.


I decided to pack my prints flat and ship them flat. as opposed to rolling them up. I wanted them to stay in good shape. I used cardboard boxes and made them flat and put a insert in there to keep the print in good shape.

Packing supplies can quickly add up. Make sure you get some good tape and boxes. They make specific book boxes for shipping them, and a bubble wrap inside doesn't hurt. Also pro tip - you can get boxes for free from the post office :).


i got a test copy from the printer before hand, so I knew the quality was good. It's worth the price of a test print, before you order your whole set. Make sure you factor in the time it take's to print. For me, it was just for these mini-issue prints, and the printer was local. So my turn around time was a week. But if you're printing books over see's, then you can expect to wait a few months.


That's it for now. Those are a few basic things to watch out for post Kickstarter. But as always there's so much more to add about Kickstarter...