The Importance of Comic Communities

Comic communities can be very important when your a indie comic creator. Sometimes your fully motivated and on a roll with your project. But some weeks you might lose a little motivation and feel a little down about your project. You always have your team (if your a writer), but other artists, editors, and letterers are busy trying to maker it with their own projects and commissions.

That's where comic communities come in.

It's a place where you can start a thread for your project and hold your self accountable. Sharing progress as you write a new page, get the inks  done, or finish up some lettering. You can also get some feedback before ever releasing your project to the public. In some communities you can even get some scripts edited or get some experience editing other people's scripts. Don't go at this alone. It only makes sense to find some like minded individuals. . Here are 3 Comic communities that I recommend -

Arclight Comics

Arclight is a indie comic company. They are doing awesome work and try to share and teach along their way. They have a community that you can join for free, at the moment. It's a great place to get advice or share progress.

Comic Book Hour

From a twitter questionnaire to a forum. It's a growing community of indie creators all progressing towards their goals. It's free to join,  and if your looking for collaborators or artists, it's a great place to be.

Comics Experience

Comics Experience requires a monthly membership, but it's definitely worth the cost. You can find editors, artists, letterers and more. They have courses that you can take in various fields of comics.


I recommend you join a community now and get active. It'll only help you progress towards your goals.